Hazlehead Parkrun

This weekend I decided to check out the newest parkrun in my area up at Hazlehead. This is Aberdeen’s second parkrun and it makes a nice contrast to the one at the beach. The beach route is a flat out and back course but it is not particularly exciting and the wind can be a right bugger. The hazlehead route is an out and back route through a forest on trail routes. There is an incline on the way out but that makes for a nice downhill on the way back.

My Dad has been up to the hazlehead parkrun once before and said it was a really enjoyable route so he joined me too. It was a gorgeous morning for it and it really is a nice change from the beach route. As I have not been doing much speed work recently (bad Jo) I did think I would struggle. The incline makes for quite a tough start however it is a lovely route so you find yourself being distracted easily. I do sometimes struggle running downhill, especially on trail as my feet seem to get carried away so I find myself putting on the breaks a bit. This was the case on Saturday but I think now I have run the route once I could probably push a little harder on the second half of the run.

I was really happy to get 1st lady on Saturday and got a new parkrun PB of 22.37 🙂 This is not quite as fast as my second 5k of the Glasgow 10k but I given my recent training and the undulating nature of the route I am delighted.

I am off on holiday this week to Thailand for two weeks so I imagine the running shoes may be having a little break although they will be packed with me just in case I feel the urge to get out there.

When I am back I will be putting my head down and getting back to some serious training…It is going to be a tough winter! No pain, no gain!


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