Trying out some 5k’s

For the past wee while my training has been going pretty well. I have been building up the mileage gradually and I am almost back to the weekly distance I was pre-injury. I am still not doing much more than 6.5 miles however after my race this weekend I plan to start gradually adding a mile to my weekend run each week.

Little bit of Disney

Little bit of Disney

My hip/bum seems to be doing better. I don’t get the pain that often when I run which is good. I still get it in the hours following a run and sometimes when I am sitting for extended periods at work but it has improved a lot. I am seeing my physio in a couple of weeks so hopefully then we can work on getting rid of the pain altogether.

Some more Hercules - great film.

Some more Hercules – great film.

Following on from Balmoral I decided to try and do a Parkrun. I haven’t done my local parkrun since last November so I was interested to see what level I was at. If I hadn’t had my injury I would’ve expected to be flying however as I was just getting back into it this was really just a test to see where I was at and how far I had to go. It is the Hazlehead Parkrun in Aberdeen and it is quite a challenging wee route. A recent study showed that the average 5k time is 1minute slower here than our other flat 5k Parkrun at the beach! The first km is uphill then it is fairly undulating through some woods but this then means the second half is relatively downhill which is quite nice. I set off at quite a steady pace as I do have the tendency to set out too fast. This seemed to be the right plan as when I came to the turning point I wasn’t as tired as I have been previously. I then started to push on the way back however as I haven’t ran many 5ks I didn’t want to push too hard in case I just blew up. I finished in 22.15 which is a 22 second pb on that course. I was chuffed to get a pb as I really hadn’t been pushing for one. I know if I go and do that course again I will definitely be aiming for sub 22.

The weekend after my parkrun I had a local race – the Dunecht Dash. I had heard this was a fast route and a good run to do. The day of the race was cold and windy however I was feeling pretty good. the route starts downhill and finishes uphill so I knew I had to start slow and not get carried away. As soon as the start horn went off this plan seemed to go out the window. I set off FAR too fast and basically just ran out of steam at 3k. I was REALLY disappointed to not break 22 and I actually did a worse time than my parkrun the week before. I know it is unlikely to have every run as a pb however I really wanted this one. I learned a lot from it though – not to go out too fast, eat properly the day before (I over ate), and to pick yourself up and move on if a race doesn’t go to plan.

I have the Baker Hughes 10k this weekend which is the main 10k race in Aberdeen. Last year I had a great run so fingers crossed I can do the same this year. I have had to readjust my expectations as my body is not quite at the level I had hoped after my injury but I just have to keep positive and try my best. I would love to do sub 45 and that will give me the boost that I am back to where I need to be in advance of a summer of hard training. If I can manage a PB then I will be over the moon. I just need to start off slower and ease myself into the race. I need to relax and keep focused on how I am feeling, not what my watch is staying!!

My first 10k in 2013 was Baker Hughes

My first 10k in 2013 was Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes 2014

Baker Hughes 2014

Wish me luck!!!


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