Baker Hughes 2015

Last Years’ Time: 46.17

Goal Time: sub 45

Actual Time: 46.30

So as you can see from my time above this run did not exactly go to plan…

I was looking forward to it however I was feeling anxious as Dunecht the week before had not quite gone the way I had hoped. I was running with my Dad, uncle and cousin and we arrived in plenty of time to soak up the buzz.Baker always gets a good turn out and it is amazing to see so many people in Aberdeen donning their running stuff ready to give it a go.

This was my first Baker Hughes as a part of Metro Aberdeen Running Club so I was excited to see how that would be. Running as part of a team is a totally different experience. We all met at 9am for a wee photo before we got started on the warm up.



Dad and I lined up in the sub 45 marker (being optimistic but primarily just so we got to start on the road). The first few k were a little busy on the road but it felt ok. We kept the pace nice and steady and thankfully didn’t get pulled away too quickly. As we turned onto the beach the sun was beating down and I was starting to heat up – I seem to have a tendency to overheat on runs even when everyone else is freezing! As we were passing all the crowds I wasn’t feeling quite as good as I would have liked but it was early days.


As we came to the beach leisure centre I knew my pace was too slow to hit sub 45…I think this was a turning point for me. I started to get a little negative in my head however I knew we could still do a good time so I tried to focus on just keeping steady.

The beach seemed to go on and on and on and on until finally we turned up to king street. That’s when my injury decided to make an appearance. Between 6-7k I could feel the ache growing in my hip/bum and I willed it to bugger off. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t and my legs slowly but surely felt like they were filling with lead. My pace dropped and I told dad to push on. He has been training SO well recently and I knew he was on form for a good time so I didn’t want to slow him down.


The next few k were pretty horrible. I wanted to stop. I wanted to never run again. But I knew I couldn’t do that, I am not that kind of person… If I kept going I would still manage a respectable time I just needed to push push push. As we came to the final hill I did struggle, my bum just HATES hills when it is sore but as soon as I reached the top I seemed to relax. It was almost over and I would never have to run again. As I came round the bend I thought about sprinting however I wasn’t sure how my leg would react to that…with 200m to go I went for it…and was happy/gutted to realise that sprinting didn’t hurt nearly as much! I should’ve tried to sprint from the top of the hill hahaha (I jest, I jest).

When I crossed the finish line my dad was waiting there, he had crossed the line 20 seconds or so before me. I was VERY disappointed. I went over to a tree away from the crowds and had a little cry…pathetic I know. My time is one that many people would LOVE to run, I know that. But I know I am capable of so much more and it frustrates me when I don’t perform the way I know I can!! I told myself to wise up and stop being a baby and went back to see dad and see how everyone else got on. I was feeling pretty down however it actually didn’t take long to forget about my time and just focus on everyone else’s. Loads of my running friends smashed their PB’s and Metro was heavily featured in the prizes! The buzz of seeing everyone else do well just made me realise that HAD to be me next time.

Dad and I

Dad and I

My Cousin and Kevin

My Cousin and Kevin

When I got home I reflected on the race. I ran a time which is within 10 seconds of 3 races I ran last year…and it felt like the slowest I have ever ran that time. That tells me that on fit, healthy, trained legs I KNOW I can do sub 45. I just need to give myself time to get back on track. I am now more determined than ever to smash my pb’s this year. I have made myself a wee training plan for the next 6 weeks and am going to train harder than ever before. I also have a meeting with my physio next week so hopefully we can make some progress with my bum so that this doesn’t happen again.

I don’t have any races lined up for a while so it is all about the training at the moment. I will race when my body is ready and when I do I will be going out to SMASH 45!!!

You can’t PB every race but you can definitely gain something from every race you do.


2 thoughts on “Baker Hughes 2015

  1. runningprincess78 says:

    Being disappointed not reach a goal or perform as well as you know you can is always disappointing, but one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes finishing the race when the going gets tough is the greatest achievement. Well done on toughing it out. I’m sure you’ll run sub-45 soon.

    • jgeddes90 says:

      I completely agree, it would have been so easy to just stop and feel sorry for myself but I didn’t. It will be all the more worth it when I finally do 🙂

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