Long time no speak.

It has been a while since I have updated this blog and that is because life has taken over a little!

After I did the Ythan my next big challenge was Tough Mudder. I was doing this with the same group of people as last year albeit with only half the number of people. It was a great event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have yet to fully push myself at Tough Mudder as there is varying abilities. One year I would love to go and do it and run it as hard as I could just to see how I got on. IMG_6906 IMG_6990 IMG_6993 IMG_7038

After Tough Mudder I had a fantastic long weekend in London with my friend Jenny and we did lots of eating, drinking and went to see Taylor Swift (yes I am a MAJOR swifty). I did pack my running stuff to go for a jaunt round Hyde Park but too many late nights and busy days meant the trainers stayed firmly in the bag.

IMG_6982 IMG_6998 IMG_7040 IMG_7051

At the start of July I entered a local 5k which was down by the beach. It is run by one of the JogScotland groups and is in aid of a local charity. I was quite looking forward to cracking the 22 mark as I have been so close on recent occasions – my 5k pb in a 10k race is around 21.4-something, I just haven’t yet translated that to a 5k race!! It was an evening race which I always struggle to prep for however I felt pretty good considering. The weather however was not on my side. It was TORRENTIAL rain, I am talking flooded streets, thunder and lighting and just utter chaos across the city. SURELY the race would be cancelled….nope. I made my way down hoping it would be, but no, it was on. So off I went. It wasn’t the best conditions for a run and there was definitely a headwind. Still, I managed to sneak under 22 JUST so am now in the 21 bracket! Next stop 20’s! (Hoping to get as low in the 21s as I can by the time the year is out.

Since then I haven’t done any races and the training went a bit off the mark because I GOT ENGAGED!! My lovely boyfriend whisked me off to Venice for my birthday and while we were out on a early morning run he popped the question. It was definitely a PB run!!


St Mark’s.


❀ Super Happy

IMG_7302 IMG_7304

Since then my life has been a bit of a whirl wind with celebrations and planning however I seem to be finally back on track with running and the mileage is juts about back to what it was now. I have decided that I am either doing the Moray 10k or Half marathon at the start of September. You can enter on the day so I am going to wait until the week before to see if I am half ready or if I will just try and crack out a sub 45 10k.


The rest of the year I have entered the Glasgow 10k, Peterhead 10k and Fraserburgh Half – so plenty to look forward to and work towards!! I am also off to California next month so am hoping to do the San Francisco Parkrun while I am there πŸ™‚

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