September 2015

2015 has been a tough year for me running wise.

It just seems to be one thing after another. First it was my hip/pelvis, now it is my achillies. It has been bugging me since the Ythan Challenge and if I am being perfectly honest the pain seems to be getting more frequent and worse. I have been seeing my physic once a month or so but things are not really improving much. It could be because achillies take a while to fix or just because I am continuing to run (as advised) and not giving it time to heal.

That said i have just come back from 2 and a half weeks in California where i only did 2 runs, loads of walking but minimal high impact stuff. So WHO KNOWS?!

All i know is that my running certainly isn’t improving because of it. Everywhere around me I see people smashing PB’s left right and centre and I am only getting slower. This could be down to a number of factors but my most recent run in Elgin was not good. I felt pain from the beginning and pulled out. I ran to almost the finish but just couldn’t bear to cross the finish line with another sub standard time. I know many people would LOVE to run a 48 minute 10k but for me, that is just not where I want to be  right now. On paper I have had the best year of training yet – more consistent speed work, longer runs and more frequency. This could translate to more miles = more chance of injury however I know millions of people do more miles than me and don’t have the issues I seem to!

I am not giving up though. There are many people who have had FAR worse injuries and come back quicker and stronger so I just have to be patient. I have just joined a local gym that has LOADS of spin bikes so I am going to be trying them out to maintain fitness but keep the impact off the injury.

I am taking part in the Glasgow 10k again this Sunday. I signed up before the Achilles took a turn for the worst…I have come no where close to matching what I did there last year and I don’t really expect to do it again on Sunday BUT I know how much I enjoyed last year so I do want a repeat of that!!

It has been mentally tough for me, my mental strength is what lets me down most in my runs I think so it still needs more work. For now I just need to get fully fit again and then make a plan that allows me to train harder and keep injuries at bay – basically, I am asking for a miracle….!

5 thoughts on “September 2015

    • jgeddes90 says:

      Thank you! I’ve been off running for a week and a half now and it’s been tough going. I tried netball but it didn’t make things easier so think I will need to stop it until things have healed….! X

      • Sue-Ann says:

        I know the feeling, I’m dealing with a stubborn injury too. Just enjoy the rest and don’t stress about it, your long term health will thank you (she says whilst not taking her own advice)

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