Great Scottish Run 2015

This is a pretty delayed post – sorry!! I have not been keeping up with the blog…

So last year at the Great Scottish Run I set my PB of 44.41. I had hoped to smash that even more this year but as you have all seen for one reason or another this has not happened.

This year I was going to the Scottish Run with an injury and off the back of an almost 3 week long holiday to California where my diet was perfect for a runner….

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Yes the drink is bigger than my head!!

Yes the drink is bigger than my head!!

Not ideal prep. But rather than pulling out I wanted to go ahead and just give it the best I could. This would be the race that would decide whether to take some time off running or not. I have had the injury for a while with little improvement so I was in two minds about whether to continue was wise or not. This was the decider.

GSR has turned into a family tradition of sorts. For the last 3 years my cousins and I have headed down to watch/do the race and this year was no exception. My dad decided he would also join the race which I was delighted about!!

We went to a lovely meal to Café Gandolfi the night before the race and it was DELICIOUS.  Super yummy food, go if you ever get a chance. Then Catherine and I headed to Cat’s brothers flat for the night. I slept well and when I woke up I felt rested and ready for the day. For the first time I my life though I felt nothing about the preceding race…no nerves, no excitement, just nothing…VERY odd. I got myself ready and we met up with our dads and went for a wee warm up. As soon as I started running my Achilles was bothering me. Just what I wanted. I just thought, do the best you can and that is the best you can do.

We said our goodbyes and went on our way to the starting pens. We did the group warm up and they did all the announcements – Paula Radcliffe was there. This got me excited!! Finally, some sort of emotion. (I am normally so emotional before the race – one minute excited, one minute nervous etc.) Then the klaxon started and we were off!! As we ran past the start I shouted “HEY PAULA, WOOOO” (I am such a fan girl for athletes it is ridiculous) and she actually turned and WAVED!!! Dad even said, wow, she actually just waved at you. So delighted haha. I then thought, right PRadcliffe has just waved at me lets just stop now – ha! But no, I had a race to do.

The next 9k went by in a bit of a blur. My Achilles was sore pretty much from the get go but I persevered. I managed to maintain a semi decent pace (nothing pb worthy) for the first half but as I hit the 6k mark I began to flag. It was getting harder to maintain the pace, the pain was getting stronger and I just wanted it to be over. Dad had gone on at about 4k as he was making good time. I just couldn’t stick with him. Part of this was probably down to the 50 stone I put on in Cali but I know it was mainly due to my injury.



Please let me finish already..

Please let me finish already..

I finished though, I came through Glasgow Green and managed to do my first ever non-sprint finish. I knew I was done. I had barely looked at my watch the whole way round but when I crossed it showed 49.xx – 5 minutes slower than last year. Normally when I finish a race and do less well than expected I am devastated. I cry, it is embarrassing, but I just can’t keep a grip on myself. This time I didn’t feel anything, just acceptance  that my body was in need of a rest!!

I went straight to the first aid tent and got an ice pack and reflected on the race. I enjoyed being out there with people and seeing all the crowds cheering on. But I just miss that feeling of elation of a pb, it has been SO long since I have had that and I have worked REALLY hard this year…

Dad did well though – 47.xx and Catherine managed a PB of 41.XX (SUPERSTAR!!), Catherine’s dad Kevin also did a pretty good time – a course pb I am sure!

Dad and I GSR

So, I am now off running. It has been 14 days since my last run and *touch wood* things seem to be going well. I haven’t had too many niggles and I hope that that will continue. I tried playing netball but it was quickly chopped off the list too. I miss running so much but I know it is for the greater good.

Just me that likes Hot Fuzz?

Just me that likes Hot Fuzz?

I will do a separate update on what I have been doing to maintain the fitness (tbh regain fitness after eating ALL the tacos in America).

So that was GSR this year, not what I had hoped months ago, but what I expected going in to it. I learnt a lot and I am looking forward to going back next year and SMASHING it!!!

2 thoughts on “Great Scottish Run 2015

  1. runningprincess78 says:

    Sounds like your body is telling you it needs a rest. Glad you managed GSR though. I had an absolute blast at the 10k and was utterly beside myself when I managed to meet Paula Radcliffe after I finished (I got a bit fangirl too, lol!).
    Hope your Achilles improves soon and you’re able to get back to regular (and speedy!) running.

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