2015 Round Up

Well, this year has not really gone to plan running wise. It has been injury after injury and I have never really got going. My times have not reflected the effort that went in to training and I do feel disappointed with how things have gone.

That said, I have made so many new friends by joining Metro Aberdeen. The support from everyone there really has been amazing. It is so good to be part of such a brilliant club – and even though I am not contributing anything at the moment I still feel just as part of the club than ever. I can’t wait for more races next year with the best team in Scotland – MON THE METRO!!!!




The past 3 months of not running have made me realise how much I love it. It gives me a rush like nothing else, it clears the head and makes me happy, I can eat whatever I like without caring and most of all it gives me 1:1 time with my Dad.  (I really have been missing my runs with Dad!)

I have really taken my time and been really strict with myself since I have had my Achilles injury. I am determined that 2016 I will come back stronger than ever. I plan on keeping up my spin classes and weights as I think this will help me long term. I plan on also getting regular sports massages and being more meticulous with stretching and foam rolling.

Next year I am giving myself no crazy targets. I plan on building up slowly and getting back to where I was at my peak. I then will be aiming on getting my 5 and 10k times down. I also want to take a stab at cross country – running in the mud, what could be better!

I am positive that I can get back to where I was at and push further. I can’t wait to for the New Year and to see what it has in store….



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