All about Me

Since I have started running I have read many running blogs. I love seeing how other people train and how people find other races. So, I thought I would start one too. Through this blog I want to share my running experiences with you – training, race reports, post run treats, etc. as well as a little insight to my life outside running.

Firstly, I will tell you a little bit about my running to date:

I originally began running at the age of 15 with Aberdeen Amateur Athletics Club. My events were 100, 200, 300m with the occasional Long Jump and High Jump thrown in. Unfortunately my sprinting career grinded to a halt after a bad bout of Glandular Fever.

7 years later in 2013 I dug out my running shoes and got back out on the road again. I began to run with my dad at first and then joined several JogScotland groups in Aberdeen. JogScotland is a great group for those starting out running – the leaders are so lovely and have a wealth of running knowledge.

JogScotland Buddies

JogScotland Buddies


I decided to take the plunge and join Metro Aberdeen Running Club in 2014/15. It is a fantastic running club that have 2 x organised sessions a week, and lots of other social runs throughout the year. The club is great on both a social level and for training. Nothing gets the race times down like the coach Jackie’s speed sessions on a Thursday!

Ready to represent my club in 2015!

Ready to represent my club in 2015!

I also run with my Dad once or twice a week and these tend to be my favourite runs of all. He was the one who got me back into running and has encouraged me through every race I have done. I would not be half the runner I am if I didn’t have him there by my side.

Pops and I during my first 10k race.

Pops and I during my first 10k race. (We are the two smiling in blue)




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